Bulk Entree — Beef


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Half Pan – 3 lbs meat (12 – 4oz portions) |  Full Pan – 6 lbs meat (24 – 4oz portions)

Braised Short Ribs — boneless, slowly braised in cabernet beef broth with fresh rosemary, Spanish onion, and a splash of tomato

Ropa Vieja — flank steak, slow-cooked, pulled, with onions, peppers, and Spanish tomato sauce

Stroganoff — tenderloin cubes braised in creamy beef broth with shallots, mushrooms, and sour cream

Picadillo — Cuban ground beef stew with chorizo, onion, manzanilla olives, raisins, tomato, and spices

Felix’s Meatloaf — gluten-free, made with 90/10 lean ground beef. The Best! (half-pan 5 lbs — full-pan 10 lbs)


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