Fiery Chef Catering

We offer a variety of catering options to choose from. From simple DIY catering through full-service catering with waitstaff, bartenders, event planning, etc… The choice is always yours!

And remember, just because these menus are listed as buffets, they can easily be converted into full-service, sit-down, served dinners.

Create Your Own Catering: This is a fun way to pick and choose from each category in our “Bulk Food Items” section of the website. Just remember, this menu is designed for the DIY caterer. In other words, these items are meant to be picked up or dropped off for you to do with as you please. No service staff provided 😥

Catering Buffet Menu: If you’re looking for full-service catering, then browse through these menus and see what catches your eye. These menus are designed as “One-Entree” buffets starting at $12 per person, with the option to add more food items as you see fit. All “Catering Buffet Menus” come complete with a house or Caesar salad, choice of two side items, and dinner rolls and butter. The idea is to offer quality food at reasonable prices without the customer feeling pushed into purchasing something they don’t want or can’t afford.

Don’t get me wrong, we want you to order until your heart’s content, but be careful, you can easily spend upwards of $35-$40 per person once you start adding extra side items, specialty salads, pasta, dessert, and especially appetizers.

With such a large offering of different food items, we’re confident that we have something for every taste and budget!

Healthy Catering Menu: Because The Fiery Chef specializes in preparing “Paleo Meals” this theme is built into our “Healthy Catering Menus.” These menus were created with the health-conscious in mind. Although the majority of menu items will seem similar to our “Catering Buffet Menu“, there are some major differences. All meals are gluten-free, with lean responsibly sourced pasture-raised proteins, and organic produce. Dairy and grain-free menus are also available.

Sample Buffet Menus: If so many choices seem a bit daunting, look through our sample menus for an easier approach. Once you find one that suits your tastes and budget and would like to book an event, simply copy and paste the menu along with your chosen event date and contact info into an email to [email protected] and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

It’s that easy!


So, take your time and browse through all of our menu options and see what The Fiery Chef is really about. “Preparing healthy foods that tastes nothing like you’d expect!”

Your guests will never know they’re eating healthy 😛

At The Fiery Chef, The Choice is Always Yours!